Many a theory are swirling around concerning what is the agenda behind the impending Sunday law, which is believed by Sabbath keepers to be a serious problem in the last days. Among the different views that we heard with this teaching, two stands out to me. You will discover two primary aspects that account for a school' s reputation whether positive or negative.

Attorneys are looking at which professors may have influenced how somebody was taught the law. Professors with solid reputations as both attorneys and teachers are one criteria employed to determine a law school' s reputation. The other consideration is word of mouth within the industry regarding success rate an unique law school has for producing successful attorneys. These criteria go far beyond the name of the school.

It goes to the core of how they prepare students to become lawyers. Historically, it has always been the ambition of the papacy to not only regain primacy in religious matters but for assume divine authority! You might recall the infamous statement, " We hold upon this earth the place of God Almighty" , issued by Pope Leo XIII in his encyclical letter of June 20, 1894. You might also be familiar with this statement: " Sunday is our mark of authority… the Church is above the Bible… " The Catholic Record, London, Ontario, September 1, 1923. It is quite easy the see the implications of these remarks on future developments in favor of a worldwide Sunday decree.

Like a lawyer' s career develops, they will soon discover that potential clients will also give some importance to the form of educational background their attorney has obtained. Right or wrong, there is also a certain amount of respect given to an attorney based solely for the reputation of the attorney' s alma mater. Similar to a detective, we have to think such as the criminal inside our attempt to find the solution for the crime we are investigating.

The big question for me, however , concerning this Sunday law agenda as an end-time issue is how will Satan benefit from this all? Whenever we are analyzing Bible prophecy to generate logical deductions, we need to put our minds in detective mode. This is especially true for those individuals graduating with their law degrees. The position market is an extremely competitive arena. For those luckily enough to successfully make it with law school, it is imperative they are able to begin earning a return on the investment of time and money they already have put into their pursuit.

This can be no questioning the hard work that goes into earning a qualification in law. The point I am looking to make is, a Sunday law will serve no strategic purpose if it' s designed for the purpose of rendering homage to Satan. In the event the Sunday law will be nothing more than a piece of legislation in favor of the first day of the week, how would that be to the advancement of Satan' s agenda? Today, many Christians are keeping Sunday without a law; they don' t need a Sunday law to make them attend church on a Sunday morning.

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