New Law in Massachusetts Provides Help for Inmates after Release

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Law enforcement officials and other proponents agree this is certainly one way to fight recidivism among former convicts, who face enormous challenges when discovering employment after being released from prison. Patrick said during the signing ceremony, " What we do with this bill is reaffirm an old idea inherent within our American character, that everybody deserves a second chance. The reform expands access to criminal history information for prospective employers and housing providers on an internet-based system holding some of the most accurate and relevant information. " Moreover to helping inmates obtain transitional help, it modernizes the criminal offender records information system (CORI). The governor noted, " The best way to break the cycle of recidivism is to make it possible for people to take a job.

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There are various tools and organizations that can help you discover and absorb the Law of Attraction so that it actually works for you. The law addresses sentencing reform by allowing parole eligibility for some House-of-Correction inmates serving time for non-violent drug offenses. If such an inmate has served one-half of his mandatory minimum sentence – and no aggravating factors are normally found – he might see the parole board to petition for his release.

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