Practical Legal Advice

During many years of experience in all regions of law, I discovered that our people abroad have practical problems because they are not informed showing how to achieve several rights into their homeland. They just do not know how to behave in order to realize these rights in the Republic of Serbia or the Serbian Republic, in front of its judicial and other state bodies and institutions. Let me try in this manner to get close to our citizens abroad this issue, to help them find adequate legal assistance and practical advice regarding their legal problems without coming to their homeland.

Through practical examples from judicial practice in most areas of law of the Republic of Serbia, through these articles, you will be able for more information how to save time and money because you do not have to break up the doors of the embassies and consulates to share with how to behave in all proceedings in the courts, prosecutors, and everything other state bodies with the Republic of Serbia plus the Serbian Republic. So far, our people from the Diaspora may have had such a possibility together with the payment of insurance in the area of residence, but to never exercise the rights in the area they come from.

At the beginning they are the areas that we processed in installments, where you can find practical legal advice:
Issues related to pre-trial proceedings in the court as well as police and investigation and criminal proceedings before the competent courts. Substantive law institutes and special crimes and misdemeanors.

For example:

  • Under Which conditions in criminal proceedings may revoke a passport or conditions for amnesty or pardon for your case.
  • When determining custody when it may be replaced by collateral or putting the bracelets and the like.
    Issues relating to civil proceedings. For example:

  • How could postpone the debate because of their stay abroad or like the legal costs due to the arrival from abroad and to attend the trial in civil proceedings.
  • Questions in the field of enforcement procedure.
  • One example is:

  • What executive authority may necessitate the debtor to list the things for the collection of creditor' s claims
  • How to behave along the way of execution, if you are a creditor or debtor and you are abroad
  • Questions in neuro-scientific substantive law.
    One example is:

  • Who You to inherit, and once you can inherit and what belongs to the assets and precisely what is in the passive voice in probate weight.
  • Questions Of will, a necessary part hereditary, contract life-long maintenance, division of property for life, all types of hereditary constitution of the law of contract and enjoying life.
  • Property rights relations, housing relations, the real estate and types of registration and changes in the Institute of Geodesy and unique databases.

  • For example:

  •   How can constitute or abolish the servitude of passage through one' s plot or any kind of disturbance of possession.
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