What sort of Tampa Divorce Attorney May use Florida’s Divorce Law Presumptions To Advance His Client’s Goals

Divorce law in Memphis, TN provides for equitable distribution— meaning marital property/debt is divided in a manner deemed fair, but not necessarily equal. Regardless if the legal presumptions favor or hinder aims regarding alimony payments a Tampa divorce attorney could possibly help. Should your marriage is irretrievably broken and you are seeking a divorce you should contact Florida Law Group for a free consultation with one of our skilled Tampa divorce lawyers. Memphis divorce law includes a six-month residency requirement arranging for a divorce. However , if your can provide enough evidence to prove that refusing to award alimony will be inequitable the presumption will be defeated and alimony will be awarded. Florida divorce law presumes that marriages lasting less then seven years are short term marriages and no alimony should be paid.

As an example, if the requesting spouse was involved in an accident, which ended in the spouse being disabled and can not work a Florida family law court may find that denying alimony payments will be inequitable. Each state determines its own divorce law, and Memphis divorce law has specific rules and requirements for divorce:. An expert divorce lawyer in Memphis or throughout TN will  be aware of legal aspects of divorce and options available.

The Tennessee courts always consider your child' s needs in support and custody issues. Many parents head over to custody hearings unaware that they can should portray themselves like the best custodial parent ?nstead of simply insisting they deserve their children. The court generally prefers parents to decide who should have custody, but if they just do not, the court does it for them.

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will not will need to prove the presumption or provide any evidence to support it. Thus, if your legal presumption weighs against a spouse' s position regarding alimony the spouse has the burden of proving the presumption should never apply. The best presumption signifies that the court will presume that an underlying fact is true. A Florida family law court will apply the legal presumption unless the opposing Tampa divorce attorney provides enough evidence to defeat the presumption.

Alternatively, long term marriages have the legal presumption that alimony is equitable and really should be awarded. Under Florida divorce law, a long term marriage is a marriage that lasts more than 17 years. The size of the marriage will probably be measured through the date of the marriage certificate up to the date the petition for dissolution of marriage is filed.

However , much like the legal presumption for short-run marriages, the does have a chance to defeat the legal presumption for ongoing marriages.

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